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The estate is currently run by Gilbert Clusel and Brigitte Roch. It has five hectares of vineyards, half a hectare of Condrieu and the rest Côte-Rôtie. Plots have gradually been added to the original “Grandes Places” vineyard, which was planted back in the nineteen thirties. Most of it is located above the hamlet of Verenay.

Back in the nineteen fifties René and Joséphine Clusel began cultivating vegetables, fruit trees and Côte-Rôtie vines, like many other farmers in the Ampuis region, and they sold the wine in bottles. This was a time when Côte-Rôtie wines did not yet enjoy their current reputation, but René Clusel’s Côte-Rôtie was very popular with connoisseurs. Even though the vineyard was not well-known, his son Gilbert decided that the future lay with the Côte-Rôties. As soon as he had completed his education, he joined the family estate and began clearing and revamping old abandoned vineyards. Indeed, although it had been highly prosperous from Ancient Times right up until the early 20th century, the Côte-Rôtie vineyard had been almost abandoned since the First World War and many of the hillsides were covered in broom, shrubs and even oaks growing through the former retaining walls. When René Clusel retired, the estate had three and a half hectares of vineyards. This is when the fruit and market garden production operations were abandoned and it was when the Grandes-Places vineyard, which had been planted by René’s father Baptiste Clusel, saw the wine it produced bottled separately.
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